Adult Life Groups

We invite you to join us for Life Group Bible Study at 9:00 AM each Sunday morning! Grow and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ!

See maps of each department at bottom of page 
 Young Adult Department:
Kevin and Peppi Hatcher, Directors  
Young Singles - Jonathan Demko Gym
Young CoEd - Justin Palmer Gym
Young CoEd  - Michael Beesley Gym
Young CoEd  - Karlton Bradley Gym
Young CoEd  - Lucas Hatcher Gym
Young CoEd  - Tim Murray Gym
Young CoEd - Marc Ransier The Loft*
Young CoEd  - Wade Phillips (This LifeGroup is streamed live
online every Sunday morning at 9:15.) Click here.
MPB 704
*MPB=Multi Purpose Building  
Median Adult Department:
Rick Davis, Director
Media / JD Ainsworth Media Room
Median CoEd / Singles - Mary Webb
Room 712 MPB
Median Singles - Brenda Golisch
Room 707/708 MPB
Median Single Parents - Michele Winstead
Median Ladies (Charity) -Raley/Meadows
Room 711 MPB
Room 003
Median CoEd  - Kyle Covington
Room 713 MPB
Median CoEd  - Keith Heartsill
Room 004
Median CoEd  - Todd Nosco
Room 705/706 MPB
Median CoEd  - Jack Blythe Room 709/710 MPB
Median CoEd - Carlton Lafferty
Home Team (Meets Tuesday nights 6:30 PM)
*MPB=Multi Purpose Building 

Senior Adult Department:
Cathy Raley, Director  
Senior Ladies - Whitehead/Poole/Reynolds Room 001
Senior Men - Dan Ward/Ollie Burkes Room 105
Senior CoEd - Phillip Gable Room 002
Senior CoEd - Mack Phillips Room 114
Senior CoEd - Jimmy Johnson Chapel


Title Date
Map of Median and Senior Adult Dept.
Map of Young and Median Adult Dept.

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