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Please let us know if a need has been met... Need Met

This is an update from Helping Hands Ministry.
The Helping Hands committee has been so glad to be able to help several people. Please check the Helping Hands bulletin board behind the "old sanctuary" for new updates weekly.

Ms. Boone says thank you for all of the inquires.  Her need regarding care for her parents has been taken care of.  Thank you for your response.

Several people have helped Miss. Mary Gray to and from her dialysis appointments at Kidney Care.  Ms. Mary is still in need of transportation.  If you could only do it for one time, that would be very helpful.  And a BIG OLE THANK YOU to all those sweet folks who are helping her out now!!  If you would like to help with this, please contact Ms. Mary at 601-604-6702. (Remember Ms. Mary sits on the front pew, organ side, and loves to get her praise on with music and song).

Kelly  and John Raley have an urgent need:
Describe your need: Our family of 5 is now without a vehicle. The one vehicle we had died earlier today. What little money we had, John used to secure a rental vehicle through Monday at 3pm (11/24/14).  Our now-deceased vehicle is to be towed to our house by 5:30 this evening (11/21/14). John has to work all week (except Thanksgiving Day) and Jax has Pre-K at least Mon-Wed. We are in need of assistance with transportation - either some kind soul who is able to get John & Jax to & from their destinations, someone to attempt to assess the problem (repairs would be wonderful), or - ideally - someone with a vehicle they can loan us or sell to us with very low monthly payments. If anyone is able to help in ANY way, we would be more than grateful.
Contact John or Kelly if you can help in any way with this urgent matter.
Kelly: 601-604-6362                                                                                
John 601-604-9606.
John works at the Industrial Park in Marion and gets off work at 5:00pm, he will need a ride home, near Meridian High school.
We can do this Northcrest folks, we have lots of "kind souls", let’s take time out of our busy schedules during this Thanksgiving time and help this family out in their time of need.
Nicole Carey is a new mother of twins, and is in need of a job. Describe your need: In need of a full time job in finance. I have a associates in Health Administration and a Bachelor in Accounting.
Email:    Phone Number: 601--553-8237
(Nicole's mother is Ms. Margaret and her Aunt is Peggy Coleman with Feed By Faith).
If you can help or provide any information concerning employment, please contact Nicole.    
Helping Hands was so honored to be able to donate items to someone that has been in a long term abusive relationship.  She made the decision to leave and start over, and we were able to help her with household necessities through many of your previous generous household donations.  If you have house hold items you would like to donate, please check with us.  We have a storage area and we like to have things readily available for such times as this.      
Remember if you have a need or anything you would like to donate you can go to  and submit your need or your item.  Helping Hands Ministry is a way for Northcrest members to help each other.   No item is too large or too small; you never know what others may be in need of.   If you do not want your name listed, just specify that, and then only your need and contact information will be posted.   Along with needs being posted on Helping Hands Ministry web site, there is also a bulletin board in the hallway behind the choir room (or old sanctuary). You may fill out a need request online or from the bulletin board.
If Helping Hands Ministry can be of any help to you or you have a question, please contact us through our web site or bulletin board.
If you meet a need, please go to Helping Hands website and let us know so the need can be removed. 

Or, let one of our committee members know:  Richmond Alexander, Elizabeth Goggins, Carlton Lafferty, Carol Moore, Rhonda Moore, Justin Palmer or Randy Smith.
    "The service you perform not only meets the need of God’s people, but also produces an outpouring of gratitude to God.”    
Be kinder than necessary, you never know what battle someone is fighting.  We all have scars; the only difference is not everyone's scars you can see....


Please let us know if a need has been met... Need Met

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