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Alicia Acord

Women's Ministry Director

As the new director I wanted to introduce myself a little. I have been married to Mike Acord for almost 23 years (Dec 14) and we have two very outgoing daughters, Ali & Michaela.
Ali is a freshman at Mississippi College and Michaela is a 5th grader at Poplar Springs.

We have been members at NCBC for 3 years. I served in Women's Ministry at our former church for several years and lead GA's for 8 years. I love Women's Ministry because it is a unique opportunity to bond with other women and learn how to be more like Christ together. My favorite thing to do in women's ministry is bible study because of the small group atmosphere.
                                     (see below for an exciting upcoming bible study)
 Digging deep into God's Word alongside other women is what has helped me the  most in my walk with the Lord. 

 Having other women to pray with, encourage,
and hold me accountable is wonderful. 
I was a stay at home mom for 16 years and now work for
Insurance Advisory Group.

I am looking forward to serving alongside each of you! 

You may contact me at 601-604-0381 or email

This study is designed to enrich and strengthen our marriages.
And, YES the topic is about the "S" word....SEX!
This subject has been tiptoed around for too long in our churches. 
God designed sex, so let's find our what His Word has to say.
If interested in joining this 10 week study (start date to still be decided) contact
Alicia Acord at or message her on Facebook.


Moms, Grandmoms.....don't let your children miss this!!!!!!!!!

Have a Need ...... Meet a Need
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Prescription or Reading Glasses

Women On Mission Collecting - Thank you if you can help us!!!!!

Collecting for Happiness Hill Christian Home & Academy
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Women On Mission Collecting - Thank you if you can help us!!!!!

3 Section Trays....Forks...Napkins
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Subscribe to Northcrest Women's Ministry Newsletter
The Purpose of Northcrest Baptist Church Women's Ministry is to grow in our relationship with the Lord and our Christian sisters while enriching the strength of our Church body in order to bring glory & honor to Jesus Christ our Lord.

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