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Monday Coffee Shop Time -- 9:00am at Daily Grind Each Week

Freezers of Ice Cream will be listed here as people signup:
Carol Moore - Vanilla
Cheryl Newell - Chocolate Frosty
Carolyn Switzer - Butter Pecan
Sheila Garrett - Vanilla
Merle Poole - Vanilla
Jane Garrison - ?
Roland Boyd - Rocky Road
Ken Smith - Butterfinger
Aleshia Hegwood - Butterfinger Surprise
Sherri Lucas - Oreo Delight
Justin Williams - Orange Pineapple Sherbet 
Joyce Johnson - Chocolate
Bobby Scitz - Chocolate

Senior Adult Mystery Trip
July 31st

Thank you for praying for our ladies as we prepare for this blessing!!!
All will take place in MPB
Bring you lawn chair!


Have a Need ...... Meet a Need
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Prescription or Reading Glasses

Women On Mission Collecting - Thank you if you can help us!!!!!

Collecting for Happiness Hill Christian Home & Academy
(must have bar code with labels for education...they will not redeem without it)

Women On Mission Collecting - Thank you if you can help us!!!!!

3 Section Trays....Forks...Napkins
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Makeover Tip: Wear Lip Liner on Your Eyes

By Jennifer Rothschild

What do you get when a blind woman has a bad hair day and her only remedy is found in free samples of eyeliner and lipliner ?

Here’s the back story: Years ago, my mom taught me a way to put on my own make-up.  You know, when you can’t see your face, it’s a bit challenging (not to mention scary and dangerous) to apply make-up!  But, the system she taught me when I was 15 is the same system I use today… at age 50!

Lipliner + Eyeliner + Blindness = what? Watch this funny video to find out!

The system works flawlessly most of the time. It is so reliable, but unfortunately, I am not!

I got things a little mixed up one day  and the result was not so pretty! Wanna hear about it? Hopefully, my  little incident will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself!

Click for Jennifer YouTube video

You can find the rest of the story in my book Lessons I Learned in the Dark. 

Question: Have you ever had an embarrassing makeup moment?
If you want to share it with Jennifer.... 

by Jennifer Rothschild


Keep this girl in your prayers please as she heals.
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