The worship ministry of Northcrest is comprised of ordinary men, women and children who know first-hand of the greatness of God and of the abundance of His lovingkindness, grace and mercy in a believer's life. They are thankful, joyful, and excited about giving to Him the glory due His Name! They love the Lord and share that testimony by singing, playing an instrument, directing, speaking, and creating for God's glory.

Serving in the worship ministry is a wonderful opportunity to
  • glorify God
  • grow in Christ and inspire others to do the same
  • develop life-long relationships
  • discover abilities and hone skills
  • participate in the work of God in the church and have a lasting impact on the life of Northcrest Baptist Church

There are many avenues that people use in participating in the Worship Ministry at Northcrest:
  • media
  • choirs
  • musical instruments
  • discovering abilities and developing skills
We worship God in our thoughts, words, and actions -- anything we do that brings pleasure to God. We are created with a deep-seated need to connect with God, and worship is the expression of our personal relationship with Him.

Worship transforms your mind and heart, gives you hope and brings you closer to God. Worship gives you joy, satisfaction and victory! If you have a heart for worship and desire to express it through music or media, please contact the Worship Ministry at Northcrest.

The time is coming and is already here when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for anyone who will worship Him that way. John 4:23

God created us for worship. Worship brings pleasure to Him. It expresses a personal relationship with God. Worship is an outpouring of who we are in Christ. Worship is a lifestyle and is more than just music. We worship Him through prayer, giving, serving, discipleship, and more. Worship is a daily connection with the One who created us.
Psalm 150:6
Let everything that has
breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.

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