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Thursday, November 6 at 12:00 we will have our MAW Volunteer Meeting at Lauderdale County Farm Bureau. Lunch will be provided and we will discuss so many upcoming fun projects.  For more information call 601-483-8144.  

Friday, November 7 at Lauderdale County Farm Bureau will be our Silent Auction from 5 to 8.  You can come by and place your bid anything during this time and will be contacted if you are a winner also we are still accepting Art so please give me a call if you need additional information.  

Saturday November 8 from 6 to 10 at Belk's will be our Charity Sale.  Call me to get you 5.00 ticket which you will get the 5.00 back when you make a purchase.  Now this is the best sale ever and for the ones of you that has done this before know this is the greatest and we brag over our deals so give me a call for that ticket now and know that every ticket you get from me goes to Make A Wish.   

November 9, Sunday is our Birthday Eat Out and we are going to McAlisters so come join us and fellowship.  

We have Harry, Beth planning some get togethers for us in the near future and we will announce another date next week for our Mark Night.  

There are many other things going on the next two months in our church so use these as tools to invite people to church and as always bring it up in Sunday School and see who wants to come and sat together.  Don't ever feel like you are along.  We try to always get a table and fellowship together.  

As always we continue to recycle old locks and keys, cans, and inkjet cartridges for MAW. We have Egg Bowl Tickets that we are raffling off for 5.00 each and a purse filled with goodies for 1.00 each.  We will draw this month for them so get with me and don't be left out.  

I will be planning some garage sales soon for MAW just as soon as the doctors and I decide my path of treatment.  Please continue to lift my family up and for God to keep his hand on us to make the right decision.   

Thanks for all the caregiving that we are reporting each week and all the activities that are being planned.  I love our class and what I am seeing going on and friendships being built and people growing closer to the Lord.  I love yall.

Blessings galore,
Brenda Golisch

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