Ladies Drive-In Meet-N-Greet

Thank you Mr Les for grilling for our sliders in the heat!!! 

Thank you Judith Beesley for blessing us in song and encouraging us….. To Be Real.  Such a blessing and to hear how it blessed so many of you….. love it!!!!!!!

Thank you girls for coming…..not doing signups is a bit scary…… but more come when we don’t have signups….. and so far we’ve had plenty of everything….. when we don’t have enough someday …….just love us and tell us it is OK.  We’ll be upset  ;o)  We were on plan D with the sliders….. (A)we’d planned to do handmade and grilled sliders, (B)then someone said “oh Sam’s has a great slider” but the lady at Sam’s 2 weeks before said, “they may be seasonal”….. (C)then I ask Cathy about ordering them from Sysco….. sure she could and did.  Bless her heart, after 5:00pm Thursday they call her and their sliders didn’t come in, uh oh, she called me, “yes go ahead and get their patties”…. And she did….. bless you Cathy Raley!!!!!!!  (D)So that is the reason we had halved patties….. thank you all for loving us anyway.  You can rest assured we’ll do our best, even when it gets down to plan D. 

Thank you Jamie for doing our sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The next two photos are “some” of my angel helpers.  I coordinate, we “all” do the work!!!
Thank you wm council, malt makers, carhops, cleanup crew….and some of them did it all…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see the mess we made for you….woooooo hoooooo, it was totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Anita for the GREAT door prizes and Angie for the SUPER coupons!!!!!!
Thanks everyone for the canned goods haul for the Crisis Center….bless each of you 100 fold in blessings!!!!!!!


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