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Please let us know if a need has been met... Need Met

This is an update from Helping Hands Ministry.

Thank you so much to the sweet people that met a need for food and rent money for a family in our church.  This need was met before it ever was posted on Helping Hands site.  Just a little Love Out Loud starting early!!

A couple in our church is looking for a general handyman.  They need some steps reconstructed, some siding replaced, and some wood replaced on their deck.  And guess what!!!  This sweet couple is wanting to pay someone!  If you are able to help them or would like more information, please get in touch with Kelby Thompson at 601-940-7863 or 

The Peoples Charity Clinic is in need of assistance for several families.  Families with children 6 months of age and older sleeping in their car, some out of work, some getting away from abusive relationships.  The specifics are too many to list here, but I will post their entire need on Helping Hands bulletin board or you can call or email them at 601-917-2673 or

A new member to our Northcrest family has requested help.  
Dr. Dan has encouraged her to allow Northcrest folks to try and help meet her need.  
Nicole Carey is in need of a job.  She has a Bachelor in Accounting and a background in healthcare.  She says she will work anywhere temporary or full time.  Her greatest concern is being able to provide for her and her children.  If you know of any job available, even not in her exact field, please contact Nicole at 601-453-3935 or
Please Northcrest family lets show some love and encouragement to Nicole and her family.

Remember, if you meet a need, please go to Helping Hands website and let us know so the need can be removed.  Or, let one of our committee members know:  Richmond Alexander, Elizabeth Goggins, Carlton Lafferty, Carol Moore, Rhonda Moore, Justin Palmer or Randy Smith.
“The service you perform not only meets the need of God’s people, but also produces an outpouring of gratitude to God.”    

Remember if you have a need or anything you would like to donate you can go to  and submit your need or your item.  Helping Hands Ministry is a way for Northcrest members to help each other.   No item is too large or too small; you never know what others may be in need of.   If you do not want your name listed, just specify that, and then only your need and contact information will be posted.   Along with needs being posted on Helping Hands Ministry web site, there is also a bulletin board in the hallway behind the choir room (or old sanctuary). You may fill out a need request online or from the bulletin board.
If Helping Hands Ministry can be of any help to you or you have a question, please contact us through our web site or bulletin board.


Please let us know if a need has been met... Need Met

If you have a need, on the button below and fill out and send be
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